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Pictures of pluto are now on the site

June 30, 2012
I have now put the disney pictures of pluto on the site.

have fun

Take part in our monthly poll

June 29, 2012
I would like to get your views about the site and see what I can improve to make your experience more fun.

I will be putting the poll up in about 30 minutes on the homepage.

Thank you for your feedback

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Colouring pictures are now on facebook

June 17, 2012
I am happy to announce that colouring pictures is on facebook. here is the fanpage web address. http://www.facebook.com/colouringpictures
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Happy father's day

June 17, 2012
I would like to wish all the fathers out there a very happy father's day. Because it is a special occasion for your Dad, I will be putting up father's day pictures for children to colour in and sned it as a gift.

You will find 25 pictures of father's day to colour in.

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Tulips and roses have been added to the site

June 15, 2012
Im sorry that tulips was delayed on getting onto the site. They are now on the site as well as roses. 

 I will be adding dogs and cats to the site now.
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Mermaids have been put on the site

June 15, 2012
I have now done the mermaids pictures on the site so you can print them off. 
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Update on mermaids and tulips pictures

June 15, 2012
Im sorry for the delay of these pictures. i will get them on the site as soon as possible.

thank you for your co-operation 
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New picutures of mermaids on the site

June 9, 2012
I have put mermaids on the site. they are located under colouring pictures >> cartoons >> mermaids

I have only added 16. The rest will be done tomorrow.

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Be adding pictures of mermaids and tulips to the site

June 6, 2012

I have been looking at the people who has been searching for pictures. I have found out that people has been looking for mermaids and tulips. I will be adding them to the site this week.

If you are searching for a picture and we haven't got it, then please e-mail or fill in the form under help tab.

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Welcome to our new blog

June 5, 2012
Hello all,

Welcome to our new blog for colouring pictures. I will update you with all the latest news on the site and with new categories/pictures.

There are 2 main categories.

  • New categories/Pictures
  • News on site
You can also find the latest contact information here too. You can send me an e-mail to colouringpictures@hotmail.co.uk with any problems, questions and ideas.

If you have got an idea and you want to share it with the site, then please e-mail on the above e-mail address and i will do my b...
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